PERMA-SNOW® Artificial Ski Slope System

PERMA-SNOW® is a simple, ingenious and versatile artificial ski slope surface that is cost-effective, safe, easy to install & will provide a great surface for skiing, snow boarding or snow-tubing.

It provides a safe, cost effective and snow like experience for all your customers.
• Installed in six fully operational commercial ski centres
• Over 30 consolidated years of operational field trials in real businesses
• We are the designer, manufacturer and most importantly an operator
• PERMA-SNOW® and PSGripmat™ cushion and drainage underlay has changed dry slope activities forever
• Supplied in 2mx2m squares.

See how easily PERMA-SNOW® can replace or compliment your existing brush matting or existing worn carpet surface.

Designed As A Complete System

PERMA-SNOW® has been designed from the ground up as a complete system for skiing, snow boarding or snow-tubing. The top ski surface construction in PBT (Polybutyleneterephthalate) is known for its slide properties giving you less friction and a lot more speed. The loop pile construction not only makes PERMA-SNOW® a unique artificial snow surface but it also provides added cushioning. The multi-weave design provides important ‘edge’ in all directions.